When do I get billed?

Vyncs, Vyncs Fleet, Vyncs Pro, Vyncs Premium, and VyncsMiles products by default come with 1 year of service. So if you would like to continue the service in the second year then you need to pay at the end of the first year in order to renew the services. You can renew your services from your Vyncs web account or the Vyncs app under the My Subscriptions menu option. The clock for the year of service starts from the date you receive the device. We keep the device active for 14 days beyond the annual deadline and provide you access to the renewal page during this period. If you have any question about renewal policy then please contact Vyncs Technical Support team. Just to let you know, we do not store any credit card information for products with annual plans such as Vyncs, Vyncs Fleet, Vyncs Pro, Vyncs Premium, and VyncsMiles. We are integrated with PayPal for executing all the financial transactions.
If you have VyncsMo or VyncsFleet Monthly plan then you need to renew the services every month. For the monthly plans your credit card will be charged automatically every month.

Where can I manage my account options?

You can manage your subscription and settings from the Welcome USERNAME menu option inside your Vyncs web account. You can also do that from your Vyncs app.