Keep teen drivers at home safe. Driving scores and feedbacks.

  • Driving Feedbacks: keeping the teens at home safe is facilitated by monitoring and improving driving habits by receiving recommended tips based on their driving score. We are aware that you want to give your teens the benefit of the doubt and to trust their good judgment while they are driving. Our suggestion is to let us trust but also to verify their skills until they are able to earn great driving scores and earn the trust. According to statistics, in 2013, 163 teenagers in the United States ages 16-19 were fatally injured and 243,243 were treated in emergency departments for injuries they suffered as a result of motor vehicle crashes. Some facts in regards to motor vehicle crashes involving teens:
  • Alerts: Receive real-time alerts when undesirable driving habits like excessive hard braking, fast turns, and speeding take place. Alerts can be received based on the thresholds that you set.
  • Tournaments: compare the score you get with your family and anonymously benchmark your score with the Vyncs user community. This allows you to be able to win monthly competitions.
  • Roadside Assistance. All Vyncs Premium and Vyncs Pro registered customers receive roadside assistance for up to 2 miles and with up to 3 claims each year in USA and Canada. This pertains to the vehicle registered with the Vyncs device:
    • Towing Assistance: In the event that a subscriber's vehicle is disabled from a breakdown that meets coverage requirements, we will have it towed within 25 miles to the nearest service station.
    • Flat Tire Assistance: If a subscriber’s vehicle has an inflated spare tire, it can be installed to replace a flat tire. If the vehicle has more than two flat tires or there is no inflated spare, it will be towed in keeping with the towing benefit.
    • Fuel Delivery Service - In the event that the vehicle runs out of fuel, fuel delivery will be provided to the disablement site. Octane ratings or specific brands can’t be promised (this doesn’t cover fuel costs or fluid delivery).
    • Battery Service - If battery failure occurs, we will offer a jump start.
    • Lost Key/ Lock Out Assistance - If a subscriber locks their keys in the vehicle or loses them, service will be sent to them so that they can regain entry. (This doesn’t cover the amount to reproduce keys).
    • Winching: - Subscriber’s vehicles can be winched in the event that they are stuck in a ditch, mud, or snow as long as it can be accessed from a traditionally travelled roadway.

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