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The best-selling connected car product on the market. Learn why.         5stars

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    Vehicle Tracking—
    Best Selling GPS Tracker, Trips, Maintenance.
    Roadside Assistance. No Monthly Fee.
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    Keep teen drivers at home safe. Driving scores,
    roadside assistance, and stolen vehicle recovery.
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    Locate your car, log trips, and
    trigger location-based services.
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    Monitors vehicle health problems, recalls
    and reports back to you.
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Real-time fleet tracking and management.

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Keep teen drivers at home safe. Free roadside assistance in USA.

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Locate your car, log trips, and trigger location-based services.

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Monitors and reports your vehicle health problems.

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Mileage Tracker App, Tax Savings & Roadside Assistance.

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No monthly fee. No hidden cost. No contract.
30 day money-back guarantee.* Free Shipping in USA.

Vyncs For Just $72.98/year!

Vyncs for just $89.99/year$72.98/year!

Includes device, service, and data plan.

VyncsFleet For Just $99.99/year!

VyncsFleet for just $159.95/year$99.99/year!

Includes device, service, and data plan.

five stars

"This works great to keep an eye on my teen driver. Very pleased and surprised by the detailed information available."
-Jill B.

five stars

"Great reasonable solution to vehicle fleet management. Easy to use, no strings attached!"
-Jennifer S.

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five stars

"Loved this to keep an older car up to par. My son has been driving a 1996 car that needs some work and now I can help him keep it maintained and keep track of his whereabouts without him feeling smothered by me. He has a disability and is on his own."
-Liz C.

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Connecting Your Car To Your Life.


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Safety. Location. Control. Maintenance. Savings.
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