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Verify and Register Device ID Under Your Account

If you purchased your device from www.vyncs.com then login to your Vyncs account to activate.

*The IMEI number is a 15 Digit number starting with the number 86 or 35. It is printed on the device.

If you have a coupon for a feature upgrade, select the Support menu option and submit a ticket to Tech Support with your code and order number.

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Device Installation

  • AFTER your account is established, plug the Vyncs device into the OBDII port in your vehicle using the Vyncs Quick Setup Guide.
  • Start your vehicle.
  • Wait approximately 5 Minutes for the LEDs on your Vyncs device to show a solid red, solid yellow and blinking green light indicating your device was successfully activated.

    If for any reason you do NOT see the LEDS flashing after this process, unplug the device and repeat the process. Note: Data may not appear on your account until you go for a drive.